HECTOR BELLOC, which is here referred to as HB, guarantees that his products are manufactured with superior quality standards, using only carefully selected and curated materials to allow better function, performance and beauty of each piece. All designs are generic within their kind, yet some have the faculty of being adjusted or customized, others don’t. Before purchase, please verify the characteristics of the product of your choice to ensure they comply with your size, taste and needs. If specs are not fully stated in the purchase page, feel free to write an email with all your questions to hb@hectorbelloc.com

Orders will be shipped according to the client’s request, who possesses the right to request a product change, product adjustment or product return only under the following conditions:

1. If the sent product does not match the requested or purchased product from the website. This information will be verified through the online generated purchase order. HB will make sure you receive the right product without any extra cost. Said replacement product will be shipped once HB receives a tracking number as proof that the original shipment has been returned. Any shipping costs generated due to this inconvenience will be fully covered by HB.

2. If the product presents a defect or malfunction by the manufacturer, which does not include poor or bad handling by any third party, shipping company or client. Should this situation arise, HB will begin an investigation process to track down the origin of such damage. If the defect, damage or malfunction is proved to come from the manufacturer, HB will replace the original defective product with a completely new piece, covering all and any charges related to shipping and return. The new product will be shipped only after such an investigation process is finished and will be placed in courier service once a return tracking number for the defective product has been received.

3. If the sent product does match the requested or purchased product, but upon arrival and prior to use, results may not be what was expected or does not have the characteristics necessary for appropriate use of the client. HB will allow a return transaction exclusively with store credit; no purchase will be reimbursed through any monetary electronic means, cash or digital currency. Store credit will be reflected in the user profile once HB has received and verified the conditions of the returned article. Physical return shipment and any shipment generated after ordering with said store credit will and must be covered by the client.

HECTOR BELLOC is a firm that guarantees 100% original pieces to his clients all around the world.