HECTOR BELLOC is responsible for packing and handling the pieces up to the moment they are handed over to the courier service provider. Care and handling during the actual shipment to the client is responsibility of the previously mentioned third party. Any damage or mishandling during the shipment process will be verified and resolved directly with the provider. Once contact has been established with HB and proof has been found that the damage or loss was in fact responsibility of the courier company, HB will send a new replacement piece as soon as the insurance applies and has been collected from the courier service provider. Shipment of a second product will have no cost for the client, who will be sent a tracking number should the case results in their favor according to damage or loss insurance policies by the shipping provider.

Purchases made before 10AM (Central Mexico Time) will be processed on the same day, any purchase made after will be processed the following day. From the moment of shipment processing, the agreed shipping period upon purchase will begin, after this, all transportation and timely delivery of our product is the responsibility of our courier provider.

In any initial purchase, as it is stated in the Warranty and Return Policy, all shipping costs will be completely covered by the client, who is also responsible for guaranteeing the proper and timely reception of the product. All delivery processes are executed through a third party, any sort of clarification regarding this process must be first checked with said provider.
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